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Real Sweets Bakery was founded with the vision of creating something that is real, local, organic and can be enjoyed by everyone.  ​Real Sweets Bakery was born with a simple idea, lets create All Butter Pastries using locally sourced natural/organic ingredients.  This is why most of our products are certified by Foodland Ontario.


Our goal is to replace "hydrogenated/lard" pie crusts with Real Butter Pie Crusts. Butter has been used for hundreds of years and transforms naturally from liquid to solid form without hydrogenation.  Our newest addition is clean Vegan & Ontario Organic Spelt.



About Foodland Ontario - Foodland Ontario helps you choose fresh, delicious food from close to home, all while supporting local farmers and businesses.  Buy Local, its good for you and supports you local businesses keeping the money within the community creating local jobs.


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